"The Cowboy Ain't Dead Yet!"

"Cowboy To The Bone" $20.00

Hurricane Deck*Cowboy To The Bone*What A Cowboy Was*
The Auctioneer*Mr. Jimmy Bussard* William Bonney*
Cowboy Philosopher*Ain't Dead Yet*Chasing Rainbows*
Way Of The Cowboy**Big Blue Diamond*Say Lady*




 The Cowboy Ain't Dead Yet! (poem) * Roundup In The Spring * Cattle Call * Rawhide *
  Be Sure To Use The Gate (poem) * Colorado Trail * Cowboys Near And Far (poem)
  Yellow Rose Of Texas * It's A Cowboy Thang (poem) *  Mariah * and many more.



             Special offer: Vol I, II & III for $35.00                                     
                    $15.00                               "The Cowboy Ain't Dead Yet!"  Vol. I



                          $15.00                               "The Cowboy Ain't Dead Yet!" Vol. II 

      Mr. Frankie McWhorter***Dancin' Lively In Lipscomb***A Cowboy's Promise**
      Let Me Be A Cowboy Again***Born To Be A Cowboy***Echoes Of The Trail**
      Cowboy Free***This Cowboy Life***Roll On Cowboy**Canadian River Waltz**
      The Ballad of Charlie Kidd***Back In The Saddle***Night Rider's Lament**
      Lonesome Road To Dalhart***Last Of A Dyin' Breed**








       Keep The Campfire A Burnin'
       Goodbye To Old Montana
       Since John Wayne Died
       Roundup Time
       We Were Cowboys
       Sweet Maddie Cates
       He Was A Hero To Me
       My Window Faces The South
       Long Live The Texas Rangers
       Glory Ride
       An Old Puncher's Prayer  

                                        "The Cowboy Ain't Dead Yet!"  Vol. III   $15.00


    To order, please send check or money order to:
    R.J. Vandygriff
    P.O. Box 85 
    Lipscomb, TX 79056




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